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Voorsprong offers online Dutch courses specifically developed for Afrikaans speakers. Thanks to the strong linguistic relationship between Afrikaans and Dutch, knowledge of Afrikaans gives you a great advantage when learning Dutch. We make use of this advantage in our courses. We therefore work in a contrastive manner, which means that during the lessons we mainly focus on the differences between these two sister languages. The lessons are always enthralling, very educational and interactive.

Studio Nafta developed the complete visual identity including website, course material, illustrations and animations.

"Over the past year Studio Nafta has transformed the visuals of my company. Vildana is an attentive listener and took my ideas and wishes as a starting point for developing my logo, website and educational materials, adapting according to my evolving preferences and seamlessly integrating clean, clear and creative designs which all show her flair for typography. Studio Nafta also very efficiently took care of the logistics of the printing process and the technological aspects of the website. They are both highly professional and easy to work with."


Sabien Van Craenendonck,


Other Projects

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