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We help brands craft the visual language that will define their legacy.


We create visual campaigns and distinctive identities for products, services, art and people. Whether it’s a new creation, a brand makeover or a specific campaign, our intention is to create alignment between you and your audience.


We lead the creative vision, making design and visual decisions that align with our project's intended aesthetics and brand image, ensuring a cohesive and compelling message.

Art Direction

Studio Nafta aims to enhance readability, engagement, aesthetics, and overall communication of editorial content. We support you with layout of text and images in print and online format, including setup for magazines, newspapers, and books. 

Editorial Design

We design the visual and functional aspects of websites to offer visitors an intuitive, visually appealing, and user-friendly online experience, considering elements like aesthetics, graphics, navigation, and usability for an effective digital presence.


We specialize in designing exhibitions and related spaces, emphasizing impactful scenography to bring your messages to life, creating lasting impressions in physical environments.


We love creating the visual and structural elements of product packaging to attract consumers, convey essential information, and protect the product, all while aligning with brand identity and market appeal. 


What we do

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